Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education

Are you a certified Matwork Instructor and want to begin teaching Reformer in a safe way with confidence?

You will receive a Reformer Apparatus education and learn how to teach on Apparatus as a system using Mat and Reformer in a safe way according to the Classical Pilates method. The education includes Apparatus Fundamentals, The Pilates System, Body & Movement Principles and all the Reformer exercises.

2024/3/14 23:59:00
Book & Pay before March 14, 2024.
What is included in the education and what does it cost?

You will learn how to teach Reformer Apparatus in Classical Pilates. A small group of apprentices get the opportunity to study with Stephanie Fjalestad, a 2nd generation teacher. You will revisit and extend your body and movement skills and how to teach from beginner to progressive level in an easy and practical way on the Reformer.

We teach you practical skills on how to use Joe’s original Pilates principles and method on the Reformer. The education includes additional practical body and movement knowledge. You will learn how to teach using your voice, your hands and how to assess people’s individual needs. We teach you how to use modifications to simplify and progressions to challenge people with appropriate exercises.

We will provide clear directions on how to teach group classes with confidence for different skill levels and lengths of time. Guided by your teacher and mentor, this education helps you step-by-step to become a safe and inspirational Reformer Pilates Instructor.

You should plan approximately 6 hours per week from the start of the course until you are ready for examination. This international education is taught in English.

The Pilates Via’s Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education

This international education is held in English to increase your opportunities to work all over the world.


  • Digital learning platform for self-study
  • Two mandatory 2-day Workshops including lunch & fika
  • Reformer Apparatus Workbook
  • Diploma of Participation
  • Examination (by 2nd generation instructor)
  • Certificate of Excellence (if you score 80% or higher)


  • 72 Via Credits at a value of 14 040 kr
  • Mentorship from a 2nd Generation (Joseph H. Pilates > Romana Kryzanowska > Stephanie Fjalestad) Pilates Teacher
  • Observation of Classical Pilates classes and exclusive access to our library of recorded classes
  • Apprentice meetings with your teacher to support your progression and to answer all of your questions
  • Lifetime membership to our digital library for instructors with videos and much more

Price: 29 290 SEK incl. VAT

TIP! Pay no later than 4 weeks before the education starts, and we give you 20 extra Via Credits to the value of SEK 3,900 incl. VAT.

Book Spring 2024

When does the next Reformer Apparatus Education start?

We run the Reformer Apparatus Education once per year in the spring.

Spring 2024

  1. Week 11 (Thu 23:59) March 14, 2024 – Book & Pay before
  2. Week 12 (Thu 19:00-19:45) March 21, 2024 – Education Starts w. Virtual Meet & Greet
  3. Week 16 (Fri-Sat 09-17) April 19-20, 2024 – Workshop #1
  4. Week 20 (Fri-Sat 09-17) May 17-18, 2024 – Workshop #2
  5. Week 24 (Individually scheduled), 2024 – Examination & Certification

The following Reformer Apparatus Education starts in March 2025.

Essential Pilates Reformer
Who is teaching and where does the education take place?

Pilates Teachers

During the eduction you will learn from Swedens most Senior Pilates Teachers in Classical Pilates.

Stephanie Fjalestad Pilates Instructor
Stephanie Fjalestad

Senior Pilates Instructor & Teacher

Stephanie is a 2nd generation Classical Pilates Instructor since 2003 and will be your personal teacher and mentor during the Education. She holds a Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification from Master Instructor Romana Kryzanowska, the founder Joseph Pilates’ protégé, and has taught thousands of people in US, Australia and Europe to “Stretch with Strength and Control“.

Can anyone become a Reformer Apparatus Instructor?

Yes, if you have a Certificate of Excellence in Matwork

Becoming a Reformer Apparatus Pilates instructor requires time, motivation and commitment. If you have the drive, we will help you to become a safe and knowledgeable Reformer instructor. The Pilates Via education includes our unique mentorship program from a 2nd generation teacher with valuable experience and knowledge to guide you through your education.

Before the education begins

For us to be able to give you the best possible education, you need to be a certified Matwork Instructor and regularly attending Progressive Reformer classes before the first workshop.

Show Syllabus

Book & pay

If you are a certified Matwork Instructor you book & pay. Once payment is confirmed we’ll set you up with the Via Credits we’ve included in your education fee so you can book classes and get started with your education.

Self-Study #1 - Start learning Reformer Apparatus

The education starts with a virtual meet & greet where you will meet all other students and the teacher will give you a brief introduction of what to expect from the education.

After the meet & greet, you will receive an invite to our digital learning platform where you start with a self-assessment to test your current knowledge.

Then you are required to complete a few self-study modules to get you prepared for the first workshop. You’ll now also get access to your Via Credits to book your Reformer Classes included in the education fee, and you continue exercising Progressive Reformer regularly before Workshop #1.

Workshop #1 - Teaching Essential Reformer Apparatus

An intensive weekend (Fri – Sat, 09:00-17:00) where the goal is to be able to teach an Essential Reformer one-on-one as an apprentice. Step-by-step you will learn how to teach people using your voice (cueing) and with your hands. You acquire useful skills in body and movement principles, to be able to assess and adjust exercises when needed. Lunch & fika is on us!

Self-Practice #1 - Start teaching Essential Reformer

After Workshop #1, you will continue practicing teaching Essential Reformer on your fellow students, friends and family.

You are also improving your skills and to perform all Progressive Reformer exercises through self-practice and by attending classes at any of our studios regularly. You will be introduced to the Advanced exercises that are appropriate for you.

If you live outside of Stockholm, you need to have access to a Reformer to practice on. You can schedule Private Remote Sessions with your teacher to assist you.

There will be bi-weekly apprentice meetings and additional self-study modules to help you prepare for Workshop #2.

Plan to practice approximately 8 hours per week.

Workshop #2 - Teaching Progressive Reformer

An intensive weekend ( Fri – Sat, 9am-5pm ) where the goal is to be able to teach a Essential Reformer class and to teach Progressive Reformer one-on-one as an apprentice.

You will continue to refine your voice (cuing) and improve supporting clients with your hands. You will learn how to work the room, observe multiple clients and making sure the Apparatus is setup correctly.

Deepen your skills in body and movement principles and continue practicing how to assess and challenge clients when needed.

Lunch & fika is again on us!

Self-Practice #2 - Start teaching Progressive Reformer

After Workshop #2, you will continue practicing your teaching skills of Essential Reformer to multiple people at once. You will also teach Progressive Reformer together with your fellow apprentices.

You are also improving your skills to perform all Advanced Reformer exercises at your own ability through self-practice and by attending classes at any of our studios regularly. If you live outside of Stockholm, you need to have access to a Reformer to practice on. You can schedule Private Remote Sessions with your teacher to assist you.

There will be bi-weekly apprentice meetings and also new self-study modules to help you prepare for the Exam.

Plan to practice approximately 8 hours per week.

Questions & Answers

I have more questions - who do I contact?

Fill out the interested form and add all questions you might have and we’ll get back to you shortly

Do I need to do a foundation course first?

Yes you have to.

To do the Reformer Apparatus Instructor education, you must have completed the Matwork Instructor education and received your Certificate of Excellence in Matwork, i.e. completed the training and passed the exam with at least 80% points.

Do you offer the education in English?

Yes. All Pilates Via Educations are in english to give you the best opportunity to work all over the world. Many of our now certified instructors uses their own native languages when practising even if the exam is held in english.

I don't live in Stockholm - Can I join this unique Reformer education?

Yes, you can. You need to attend the two mandatory workshops and the exam in Stockholm, Sweden. Our learning platform for self-studies, classes, observations, apprentice meetings are online.

If you live outside Stockholm, you need access to a Classical (preferably) Reformer Apparatus to practice. You also would need to regularly schedule Remote Private Sessions with an instructor instead of taking classes at our studio.

Do you offer a comprehensive Pilates education and certification?

Yes we do!

A comprehensive pilates education means that you are able to teach matwork and apparatus, from beginners up to advanced clients. This can be achieved by taking all our Instructor Educations (7 educations) and earn both Matwork & Reformer Certification of Excellence to become invited to our Professional Pilates Instructor education.

Everyone starts with the Matwork Instructor Education which is the base where you learn all the fundamentals. After passing the certification with distinction (80% score) you become eligible to continue your journey to become a comprehensively certified instructor on both matwork and apparatus if you choose to.

Our program is designed to provide anyone to study, practice and teach step-by-step towards your goal at your own pace. Some people want to get the professional certification as fast as possible (within 1,5 years) with a focus to work for us or another Classical Pilates studio. Others choose to take it step by step as they’re building their own business and client base, to justify their investment in the certifications and equipment over time.

As a certified Professional (aka. Comprehensive) Classical Pilates Instructor, you are now eligible to work for Pilates Via and other Classical Pilates Studios teaching both classes (Matwork & Reformer) and sessions (Matwork & Apparatus).

I can't participate in all mandatory weekends - Is there a way to catch up?

If might be possible. Fill out the interested form below and let us know which weekend(s) you have a scheduling conflict with and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can make this happen for you!

Do you offer any continued education?


After completing the Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education and you can continue with:

Advanced Matwork Instructor (teaching advanced matwork and small props)
Special Populations Matwork Instructor (teaching pregnancy, mama and vintage)

View our full Education Program for more information.

I don't want to do the examination - Can I still do this education?

Yes, you can. It’s optional to do the exam and you will always receive a Diploma of Participation as long as complete the education.

If you plan on becoming a Professional Pilates Instructor you need to take the exam and achieve the Certificate of Excellence (80% score).

I work a full-time job - Can I make it work?

You know yourself best. Most people who went through this education had full-time jobs and made it work. We recommend you practice (train reformer classes, observe reformer classes, self-practice and practice training others) approximately 8 hours per week on average throughout the education.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. There is an option to split the payments into two parts without a fee. Follow the links below:

Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education (English) — Stockholm, Sweden, Spring 2024 – Payment 1 of 2 (15 170 SEK incl. VAT)

Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education (English) — Stockholm, Sweden, Spring 2024 – Payment 2 of 2 (14 120 SEK incl. VAT)

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