Progressive Pilates Mat

For the experienced at a quicker pace with flow. Progressive Pilates makes you stronger and more lively

In Progressive Pilates, you train Classical Pilates with a quicker pace and more flow. You build upon your essential skills and learn new exercises. We now challenge you to move through the exercises faster with more precision and flow. You continue to develop your strength and flexibility with great control.

Benefits of Progressive Pilates
  • Perfect for Experienced with a solid foundation of the Classical Pilates method. You should be coordinated, strong and ready for a challenge.
  • It’s a Full Body Workout so even though Pilates focuses on core strength, it also develops strength and flexibility in the extremities. Compared to many other activities that isolate the muscles of the body, Pilates is an extremely efficient method of exercise because it works the body as a whole.
  • Improves Mind-Body Awareness by bringing attention to your posture and which muscles you are engaging at any given moment. This mind-body connection is important in everyday movement as well as in your other physical activities.
  • Increases Flexibility by contracting certain muscles, while finding length through other muscles. Many exercises work on increasing range of motion through a joint or focus on building flexibility through muscles.
  • Improves Posture by your increasing your understanding of correct body alignment and increasing core strength. Good posture is a reflection of good alignment supported by a strong core.
  • Improves athletic performance for a wide range of activities including golf, running, cycling, skiing, tennis, dance and more! A stronger core means more power from your center when rotating in racquet and club sports. Expect better posture, coordination, control and flexibility for all athletes.
  • Risk of injury is reduced by creating a more balanced body and strengthening underutilized muscles. Bad backs improve by building support and stability in the deep abdominals and muscles that support the spine.
  • Improves balance and joint health which is particularly important for older adults. Classical Pilates also improves circulation, overall health and well-being.
Train Progressive Pilates

No membership required. From SEK 165 per class.
Small classes of 1-6 people with individual feedback.
We have Mat, Reformer, Tower and “Wunda” Chair classes.

Progressive Pilates Mat
Progressive Mat Class
In a mat class you use your own body to perform exercises on a comfortable leather mat with handles and straps. You will move through exercises with precision and flow to gain more strength and flexibility in a class of 1-6 people. Duration 25 min or 50 min. Price from SEK 165 / class.
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Progressive Reformer Class
In a reformer class, build strength and improve your control using spring resistance on a moving platform. The Reformer will challenge your balance and strength in a class of 1-4 people. Duration 25 min or 50 min. Price from SEK 330 / class.
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Progressive Pilates Reformer
Progressive Pilates Tower
Progressive Tower Class
In a Tower Class, the springs and bars will support and challenge you. Progress your Pilates form, gaining both strength and flexibility with more difficult exercises in a class of 1-4 people. Duration 25 min or 50 min. Price from SEK 330 / class.
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Progressive Chair
In a Chair Class, your balance and strength will be tested on the Wunda Chair. Challenge yourself with harder exercises on the chair in a class of 1-4 people. Duration 25 min or 50 min. Price from SEK 330 / class.
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Progressive Pilates Chair
Progressive Pilates Questions & Answers

Contact Us if you have any further questions.

What should I choose to start with?

We recommend to most people to start with an Essential Pilates | Mat Class.

We also have specialty classes Pregnancy Pilates (train safe during all trimesters), Mama Pilates (train correctly after you had a baby) and Vintage Pilates (for you 60+ who doesn’t exercise regularly)

When you master the essentials, you can train Progressive Pilates, which requires more strength, good form and knowledge in Classical Pilates.

Good to know before your class

  • All classes is in English unless otherwise stated in your booking.
  • Wear comfortable clothing without a zipper or other sharp details. We train in socks (preferably grip socks for your safety) when we train Classical Pilates.
  • Bring your own water bottle and drink plenty during and after the class.

Read Train at Studio Odenplan & Haga and Train at Studio Online for more information.

What does it cost?

First. No membership fees or other frills.
Here at Pilates Via you use Via © Credits, our training credits when you book.

How much does a Via © Credit cost?

1 © Credit costs SEK 195 including 6% VAT.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, it will be cheaper if you buy more Via © Credits at the same time.
1-19 © no discount given
20-49 © you get our Get Started Price, i.e. 5% discount
50-99 © you get our Get Moving Price, i.e. 10% discount
100+ © you get our Get Results Price, i.e. 15% discount
We do not offer any other discounts to new clients.

Can I try a class?

Absolutely! When you register at, you get 1 Via © Credit absolutely FREE from us to book any 25 min Matwork class. If you’d rather try a 50 min Matwork class or an Apparatus class, you can absolutely do that, but you need to buy an additional 1-2 Via © Credits.

How do I buy Via © Credits?

Sign-up on We give you 1 Via © Credit for FREE which you can use to book any Matwork Class (25 min). Then you top up your account with additional Via © Credits using your card or invoice.

  • Up to SEK 8,780, you pay by card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) from our secure partner Stripe.
  • Over SEK 8,780, you pay by invoice.
When can I start using my Via © Credits?
  • If you pay by card, your Via © Credits are added to the account as soon as the payment goes through.
  • If you pay against an invoice, your Via © Credits will be added to the account when we have received the money in our bank account.

How much do the Matwork classes cost?

Matwork Classes (Mat and MELT) cost from SEK 165 per session. The classes are small and efficient with 1-6 people in each class.

  • Matwork Class (25 min) — 1 © (from SEK 165)
  • Matwork Class (50 min) — 2 © (from SEK 330)

How much do the Apparatus classes cost?

Apparatus classes (Reformer, Tower and “Wunda” Chair) cost from SEK 330 per session. The classes are small and efficient with 1-6 people in each class.

  • Apparatus (1-6 people) Class (25 min) — 2 © (from SEK 330)
  • Apparatus (1-6 people) Class (50 min) — 3 © (from SEK 500)

Can I use my employer health benefits and train Pilates?

Yes. The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) approves Pilates training as a tax deductible exercise and wellness benefit activity. You will receive a receipt approved by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) via email after we have received your payment. The receipt contains all the details that the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) requires from your employer.

Do you have monthly or annual memberships?

Nop, we do not offer monthly or annual memberships.

We only have Via © Credits which you use to book.

How do I book?

You book all classes at no later than 1 hour before class begins.

Uncertain? No problem, as a new client you get 1 Via © Credit when you register and can book any Matwork class (25 min) at no cost to you. After that, you buy more Via © Credits and then you also always have a 30-day right of withdrawal (sv. Ångerrätt).

If you have more questions please contact us and we will help you get started. We look forward to seeing you soon!

I've never done Pilates before, when will I see results?

Joe Pilates always said, “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body”

Can I do this?

Yes, provided you can stand, sit and lie on the floor, you can train classes. If you have been recommended by a physiotherapist, doctor or have a known injury, we recommend at least one private session first. During a private session together with a professional instructor, you discuss your individual goals and specific challenges. The instructor observes how you move and together you step-by-step review how to modify specific exercises during a class so that you feel confident and at the same time get a safe and effective workout.

I have a disability, can I train Pilates?

It depends on your disability. We currently have clients with prosthetics who train, but we are unfortunately not able to train people who have mobility, hearing or visual impairments for safety reasons. This is something we continuously evaluate and hope to be able to offer in the future as Pilates is really good for everyone. If you are uncertain, please contact us to consult.

How often should I exercise?

To promote health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, prevent premature death and to maintain or improve physical capacity such as fitness and strength the following is recommended for all adults from 18 years and up:

  1. Be physically active in total at least 150 minutes a week. The intensity should be at least moderate. At high intensity recommended at least 75 minutes per week. The activity should be spread over at least three of days of the week. Moderate and high intensity can also be combined. More physical activity provides additional health effects.
  2. Muscle strengthening physical activity should be performed at least twice a week for the majority of the body’s large muscle groups.
  3. The elderly (defined here as adults over the age of 65) should also practice balance.

Source: The Public Health Agency of Sweden, Rekommendationer för fysisk aktivitet och stillasittande (Swedish)

Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time and he recommended exercising 3 times a week. We believe you will see development with at least one private session or class per week as a complement to other physical activity to stretch and strengthen your entire body. If you can exercise two to three times a week, you will feel results much faster.

How late can I book / cancel?

You can book a class up until <strong>1 hour before</strong> your class start.
You can cancel a class up until <strong>6 hours before</strong> your class start.

How do I change a booking?

You sign in at and cancel within 12 hours before training starts.
PS: Don’t forget to change any calendar event in your calendar to the new date/time.

Train at Pilates Via Odenplan (Studio H & Studio S)

Pilates Via Odenplan is located near Odenplan on the corner of Surbrunnsgatan and Hagagränd. There are two fully equipped studios there, Studio S (Surbrunnsgatan 60) & Studio H (Hagagränd 2) with two different entrances.

  • We provide apparatus, training mats and tools.
  • The studio opens 10 minutes before the class starts. Use the gate code you receive in your booking confirmation to enter.
  • Wash your hands when you arrive.
  • Clothing room & shower available

Train at Pilates Via Online (Studio O)

  • Use your own exercise mat. We use a thick exercise mat (10-15 mm) that is at least as long as you. Alternatively, you can use several thin exercise mats or a thin exercise mat on top of a regular floor mat.
  • Use your own hand weights. We use light hand weights (0.5-1.0 kg). Alternatively, you can use cans or water bottles.
  • Use your own props. We use a Magic Circle. Alternatively, you can use Thera-Band or a belt to aid stretching.
  • Use your own soft MELT roller (MELT classes only). Alternatively, you can use another foam roller that is at least 90 cm long.
  • Bring a sturdy armless chair (Pregnancy classes only).
  • We use Zoom at Studio Online. We use a laptop or tablet for a better experience, but a modern mobile phone also works. Install and test Zoom well in advance of your class.
  • The studio opens 10 minutes before the class starts. Do not forget to charge your device before classes start, alternatively charge during class. Feel free to test Zoom before you step into Studio Online so you know that everything works fine on your end to avoid unnecessary stress for you. Log in to your class at Studio Online using the link you received in your booking confirmation email.
  • Position your device’s camera as shown below. We recommend a slight angle, ie not straight from the side or from the front, and a bit up from the ground so that you can see all four corners of the exercise mat and your head is visible when you sit up straight in the middle of your exercise mat.

Mama Pilates Live Interactive

Progressive Pilates Instructors

Train Classical Pilates with professional instructors educated by Pilates Via and certified by The Pilates Standard. Classes and sessions are taught in English unless otherwise stated. For sessions, it is possible to choose one of the languages that your instructor can teach in.

Progressive Pilates Studios

We train at Pilates Via Odenplan in our two fully equipped studios, Studio S (Surbrunnsgatan 60) and Studio H (Hagagränd 2) in Stockholm , as well as at Pilates Via Online in our Studio O (Zoom) where you train interactive classes together with a professional instructor.