Progressive Pilates Mat

For the experienced at a quick pace with flow

Progressive Pilates develops you beyond the essentials

Progressive Pilates challenges you to move through the exercises quicker with more precision and flow. New and demanding exercises is introduced to build upon your Essential Pilates classes. Continue developing your strength and flexibility with more control and feel great.

Benefits of Progressive Pilates
  • Perfect for Experienced with a solid foundation of the Classical Pilates method. You should be coordinated, strong and ready for a challenge.
  • It’s a Full Body Workout so even though Pilates focuses on core strength, it also develops strength and flexibility in the extremities. Compared to many other activities that isolate the muscles of the body, Pilates is an extremely efficient method of exercise because it works the body as a whole.
  • Improves Mind-Body Awareness by bringing attention to your posture and which muscles you are engaging at any given moment. This mind-body connection is important in everyday movement as well as in your other physical activities.
  • Increases Flexibility by contracting certain muscles, while finding length through other muscles. Many exercises work on increasing range of motion through a joint or focus on building flexibility through muscles.
  • Improves Posture by your increasing your understanding of correct body alignment and increasing core strength. Good posture is a reflection of good alignment supported by a strong core.
  • Improves athletic performance for a wide range of activities including golf, running, cycling, skiing, tennis, dance and more! A stronger core means more power from your center when rotating in racquet and club sports. Expect better posture, coordination, control and flexibility for all athletes.
  • Risk of injury is reduced by creating a more balanced body and strengthening underutilized muscles. Bad backs improve by building support and stability in the deep abdominals and muscles that support the spine.
  • Improves balance and joint health which is particularly important for older adults. Classical Pilates also improves circulation, overall health and well-being.
Train Progressive Pilates

No membership required. Small classes of 4-8 people per class with individual attention and feedback. Mat classes from 140 kr / class. Reformer, Tower and Chair classes from 420 kr / class.

During the pandemic our Pilates Studios in Stockholm remain closed for your safety
Our Studio Online is open for small groups of max 8 people with the same clear cues and individual feedback as our studio classes. Use the discount code TRYACLASS during checkout and the price is adjusted to 165 kr. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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Progressive Pilates Live Interactive
Chrystal C.
Stockholm, Progressive, Online

I was hesitant to take an online pilates class at first, but within the first five minutes of class, I knew, and felt, that I was going to get a great workout. By the next day, I felt the same soreness as I did when I took her classes in person. Stephanie is a great instructor online, as she is in person. She is Attentive, can easily still adjust your positions from the camera and keeps the class moving at a great pace. I am very glad that she is offering online classes during this strange time – helps me feel somewhat normal and stretch out after working from home all day.

Progressive Pilates Mat
Progressive Mat Class
In a mat class you use your own body to perform exercises on a comfortable leather mat with handles and straps. You will move through exercises with precision and flow to gain more strength and flexibility in a class with max 8 people.
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Progressive Reformer Class
In a reformer class, build strength and improve your control using spring resistance on a moving platform. The Reformer will challenge your balance and strength in a class of max 4 people.
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Progressive Pilates Reformer
Progressive Pilates Tower
Progressive Tower Class
In a Tower Class, the springs and bars will support and challenge you. Progress your Pilates form, gaining both strength and flexibility with more difficult exercises in a class of max 6 people.
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Progressive Chair
In a Chair Class, your balance and strength will be tested on the Wunda Chair. Challenge yourself with harder exercises on the chair in a class of max 6 people.
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Progressive Pilates Chair
Progressive Pilates Instructors
Boaz Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Most of his professional life, he has spent moving; for 24 years as a dancer in Israel and then in Stockholm. He began his journey into the world of Pilates after a lower back injury and started as a Pilates instructor in 2005. Boaz is a Classical Pilates instructor, comprehensively certified with The Pilates Standard.

Stephanie Fjalestad Pilates Instructor

Founder / Senior Pilates Instructor & Mentor

Former dancer and classical pilates instructor trained under the direction of Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé. With almost 20 years of teaching experience, always positive, motivating and ready to challenge students in a safe, comfortable and fun environment to meet their individual goals. Experienced teaching people of all ages, body types, athletic abilities, pre-natal and post-natal, and able to modify exercises for various injuries. Exhibits patience with new learners and is an effective communicator. She loves nothing more than when a client experiences a breakthrough moment as a result of doing pilates.

Progressive Pilates Studios

We have two fully equipped Pilates studios, Studio Odenplan and Studio Haga in Stockholm, as well as our Studio Online where we run interactive classes and sessions using Zoom.

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