Pilates Education

Do you want to become one of Europe’s best 3rd generation Pilates Instructors? We offer unique Pilates Educations in Classical Pilates with the most experienced teachers.

Pilates Via trains Europe’s best instructors in the Classical Pilates method. Our Pilates education takes place in the center of Stockholm at our fully equipped Pilates Studio. Our world-class 2nd generation teacher and mentor comes from New York and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 2002.

Pilates Via Education

Designed to give you the skills to teach confidently and safely

To become a Classical Pilates instructor, and perhaps one day even a teacher yourself, is not something you do over a weekend. It takes passion for Pilates.

You should already know how different it feels for you, in your own body, when you train Pilates regularly. You feel the difference in your mind and body after taking a private session from a Professional Pilates Instructor compared with a Pilates class at your local gym. It’s just not the same, not even close.

You are now ready to get all the insights into what makes the difference for yourself. You can’t wait to become a certified instructor. You feel ready to commit to yourself, your fellow apprentices and last but not least, motivated to put in the effort.

Everyone who participates in any of our educations, receive a Diploma of Participation. To earn a Certificate of Excellence, you will need to pass the examination with distinction (scoring 80% or above). Earning a Certificate of Excellence takes effort and self-motivation.

Going through the examination process is always included in your fee and we encourage you to challenge yourself and participate in the examination but it’s always optional. A Certificate of Excellence qualifies you to continue your education with us.

The Pilates Instructor

Your instructor journey starts with the Matwork Instructor Education which provides the foundation of teaching Classical Pilates. This includes Instructor Fundamentals, Body & Movement Principles, Client Management Fundamentals and all the Matwork exercises.

This education suits anyone who wants to begin practicing Classical Pilates Matwork by themselves at home or those who seek part-time work as a Matwork Instructor. It is also the first step for you seeking to become a Professional Pilates Instructor.

After completing the Matwork Instructor Education you can confidently teach beginner to intermediate clients safely. You are able to recall all of the original exercises at advanced level with skills to perform them with flow at your own ability. After completing the Certificate of Excellence in Matwork you are eligible for the following educations: Advanced Matwork Instructor Education, Special Populations Matwork Instructor Education (Q4 2024) and Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education.

The Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education provides the foundation of Classical Pilates as a system using Mat and Reformer. This includes Apparatus Fundamentals, The Pilates System, Body & Movement Principles and all the Reformer exercises.

After completing the Reformer Apparatus Instructor Education you can confidently teach beginner to intermediate clients safely. You are able to recall all of the original exercises at advanced level with skills to perform them with flow at your own ability. After completing the Certificate of Excellence in Reformer you are eligible for any of the following educations: Cadillac & Tower Apparatus Instructor Education (2025), Chairs Apparatus Instructor Education (2025) and Barrels Apparatus Instructor Education (2025).

Once you have completed all instructor educations at your own pace, you qualify for our Professional Pilates Instructor Education.

The Professional Pilates Instructor

The Professional Pilates Instructor Education (2025) takes all your instructor skills to the next level. This includes teaching and progressing clients up to Advanced exercises using the Classical Pilates system.

You will learn how to apply critical thinking and become an expert in using the entire system to progress clients with different abilities. Become skilled in viewing the client in front of you, to adapt their training experience and helping them reach their goals quicker.

After completing the Certificate of Excellence in Classical Pilates, you have proven to be a comprehensively skilled Classical Pilates Instructor with skills to safely teach any client with confidence on Classical Pilates apparatus. This education is by invitation only.

Your Teacher and Mentor
Stephanie Fjalestad Pilates Instructor
Stephanie Fjalestad

Senior Pilates Instructor & Teacher

Stephanie is a 2nd generation Classical Pilates Instructor since 2003 and will be your personal teacher and mentor during the Education. She holds a Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification from Master Instructor Romana Kryzanowska, the founder Joseph Pilates’ protégé, and has taught thousands of people in US, Australia and Europe to “Stretch with Strength and Control“.

Our Educations
  • All
  • Apparatus
  • Foundation
  • Matwork
Our Education Studio

Our education studio is fully equipped with Classic Pilates apparatus such as Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Chair, Small Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ped-o-Pul, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and Wall Units.

Questions & Answers

Where do I start to become an instructor in Classical Pilates?

You start with the Matwork Instructor Education which lays the foundation of teaching Classical Pilates on the mat.

This education is also suitable if you want to learn how to do the Matwork by yourself but not necessarily teach others.

You have the option to start both Matwork & Reformer Instructor Educations at the same time.

Do you offer a comprehensive Pilates education and certification?

Yes we do!

A comprehensive pilates education means that you are able to teach matwork and apparatus from beginners to advanced exercises. This can be achieved by taking all our Instructor Educations (7 educations) and finally our Professional Education.

Everyone starts with the Matwork Instructor Education which is the base where you learn all the fundamentals. After passing the certification with distinction (80% score) you become eligible to continue your journey to become a comprehensively certified instructor on both matwork and apparatus if you choose to.

Our program is designed to provide anyone to study, practice and teach step-by-step towards your goal at your own pace. Some people want to get the professional certification as fast as possible (within 1,5 years) with a focus to work for us or another Classical Pilates studio. Other people choose to take it step by step as they’re building their own business and client base to justify their investment in the certifications and all equipment needed over 5-10 years time.

I already have a Pilates Certification - Do you offer a bridge program?

No, unfortunately we do not offer any “bridge” discounts if you are already certified with another program.

However, you might qualify to attend our Matwork Instructor Examination to verify if your skills and knowledge are equivalent to attending Pilates Via Matwork Instructor Education. If you pass our Examination, you will earn our Certificate of Excellence which qualifies you for further studies with us.

Please contact us for more information.

I don't live in Stockholm - Can I join this unique Classical Pilates education?

Yes you can.

However, you need to participate in the mandatory workshops at our Pilates Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Our learning platform for self-study, classes, observations, apprentice meetings is online.

For the Matwork educations you only require an exercise mat at home. For Advanced Matwork, Special Populations Matwork educations you also need a Magic Circle and set of hand weights (0.5 kg).

For any of the Apparatus educations you need to have access to Classical (preferably) Pilates Apparatus to be able to practice enough to pass the education and to get certified.

I don't want to do the Examination and receive a certification - Can I only participate in the weekend workshops?

Yes, you can. It’s optional to do the Examination.

I can't participate in all mandatory weekends - Is there a way to catch up?

Yes, everything is possible. Fill out the interested form below and tell us more and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can make this happen for you!

Can I split the payments?


In our educations with two workshops (Matwork Instructor, Reformer Instructor and Professional Instructor), it is possible to split the payments into two parts at no extra cost.

Part 1 must be in our bank account no later than one week before the start of the education and part 2 no later than one week before the Workshop #2.

I work a full-time job - Can I make it work?

You know yourself best. Most people who went through this education had full-time jobs and made it work.

You should plan to spend approx. 6 hours per week for every education you attend during the entire education in order to have time for self-studies, apprentice meetings, own training, theory and practice teaching.

Do I have to attend continued education every year to keep my certificate?

No. We only offer three certifications, Matwork, Reformer and Professional. Once achieved your certification which takes dedication and effort, it’s yours forever!

We believe that as a certified Pilates Instructor you understand that learning never stops. Classical Pilates isn’t evolving the same way as many other fitness genres so there is no need to keep updating yourself yearly the same way. By regularly teaching yourself and others and taking classes and sessions from peer instructors and teachers, you will continuously improve your skills as a Pilates Instructor.

Do you offer the education in English?

Yes. All Pilates Via Educations are in english to give you the best opportunity to work all over the world. Many of our now certified instructors uses their own native languages when practising even if the exam is held in english.

I have more questions - who do I contact?

Fill out the interested form and add all questions you might have and we’ll get back to you shortly