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Essential Pilates | MELT

Erase tension in your body while strengthening the core!

Myofascial Energetic Length Technique (MELT) uses foam rollers and small balls to rehydrate your connective tissue and rebalance your nervous system. This technique will help keep your joints in alignment and your body balanced. MELT is great for all types of people from avid runners and athletes to those who spend much of the day sitting. Add MELT exercises to classical Pilates matwork for a great combination! Expect to feel more symmetrical, less tension and stronger in your core.

Benefits of Essential Pilates | MELT
  • It’s a Full Body Workout so even though Pilates focuses on core strength, it also develops strength and flexibility in the extremities. Compared to many other activities that isolate the muscles of the body, Pilates is an extremely efficient method of exercise. MELT enhances Pilates by releasing tension so that you can move with more freedom
  • Reduces chronic pain, tension and stress by rebalancing the nervous system and rehydrating the connective tissue. The MELT method taps into the parasympathetic nervous system which calms and restores the body to balance. This technique uses small balls and foam rollers to bring your fascia back to a healthier, more hydrated state
  • Restores space to compressed joints which allows more mobility and improved range of motion
  • Improves Mind-Body Awareness by bringing attention to which muscles you are engaging and assessing what you are feeling at any given moment. This mind-body connection is important in everyday movement and in your other non-Pilates workout routines
  • Improves athletic performance for a wide range of activities including golf, running, cycling, skiing, tennis, dance and more! Expect better posture, coordination, control and flexibility for all athletes. MELT is crucial in rebalancing and rehydrating overworked, tired bodies

What is a MELT soft foam roller?

A 2 min presentation from Sue Hintzman, inventor and founder of MELT Method where she explains the difference between different rollers and what happens in the body when MELT-ing.

Example from a MELT class

A short video from a MELT class using a soft foam roller and small MELT balls. With Pilates + MELT you experience the benefits from both methods feeling both relaxed with new energy.

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